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Commercial Refrigeration

Finding the right walk-in cooler for your business isn’t always easy. But thanks to the experts at Airsheen Services, LLC, the process can be much, much easier. We’re happy to help you create the perfect walk-in cooler, making sure it gets installed correctly, and helping you to keep it well-maintained. And in case your walk-in cooler ever breaks down, we offer repair services, as well!

When it comes to finding solutions to your commercial refrigeration needs in the Austin area, look no further than Airsheen Services!

Walk-In Cooler Sales

You know better than anyone else what you need from your walk-in cooler. You know what kinds of food you’re going to store, the sizes of the containers you’ll use, and how frequently people will move in and out of your cooler. That’s why our cooler design always starts with you.

At Airsheen Services, we’ll help you to design a custom walk-in cooler that will leave you with enough space to meet your needs now and in the future—all while keeping your budget in mind. With our years of experience, we can help you to figure out how to maximize your floorspace and your workflow by considering the following factors.


Knowing whether your cooler is indoors or outdoors is only one factor. When you know specifically where your cooler will be located in your space, we can make sure you have the clearances you need.


Depending on how your building is constructed, you may need to install a floor to keep your cooler working efficiently. We’ll help you determine which option will work best for your specific case.


While you never want to run out of space in your cooler, you also don’t want to leave it mostly empty, which can cost you extra on your energy bills. We’ll help you to figure out the amount of space you’ll need, accounting for the potential for future growth without adding too much extra space.

There are other options to consider, as well. We offer cooler panels in a number of different materials and finishes, so you can balance performance against budget. We’ll also make sure that you get a quality door for your cooler, which can include a window and self-closing hinges.

Finally, we can help you decide on the right cooling system for your walk-in cooler. While the technology is generally the same, you’ll need to decide on the configuration of your cooling system:

Remote System

This cooling system is located outside of the building, much like a central air conditioner, and the cool air is piped into your cooler using ventilation. This saves you indoor space and reduces the need for additional ventilation.

Top Mount Cooler

These units are mounted to the ceiling of your walk-in, either above the ceiling or hanging down inside of the cooler.

Side Mount Cooler

Much like top mount units, these cooling systems are attached directly to the walk-in, except that they are bolted onto one of the walls. These units are ideal for buildings in which there isn’t space for a top-mounted system.

Walk-In Cooler Service

Nothing’s worse than having your refrigerator quit unexpectedly. Between the waste and the resulting smell, it can quickly disrupt your business. At Airsheen Services, we’re happy to set up a maintenance schedule with you to ensure that your equipment keeps running efficiently.

Ideally, you should have your walk-in cooler tuned up every six months. Our technician will inspect your entire system, cleaning your evaporator coils, checking for worn parts and loose connections, and ensuring that your temperature controls are accurate. This simple step can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills, as well as wasted food.

Walk-In Cooler Repair

No matter how well-maintained you keep your walk-in cooler, there’s a good chance you’re going to need repair service at some point. Because your business relies on your ability to keep perishables cold, you should call for repairs as soon as you suspect trouble—any delays could lead to a much bigger problem.

There are several signs your walk-in cooler might be having trouble. Here are some of the more common indications you might notice:

  • Strange smells
  • Excess moisture, especially on the floor
  • Motor is noisy or very hot to the touch
  • Difficulty keeping a constant temperature
  • Mismatch between thermostat and the interior temperature

When you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Airsheen Services, and we’ll send a technician out as soon as possible, so you can be sure your walk-in cooler won’t let you down.

Commercial Freezer

When you’re buying a commercial walk-in freezer, there are many similarities to purchasing a walk-in cooler. The main difference is scale. Walk-in freezers need to be kept colder, which means that the walls have to be thicker and more heavily insulated, the cooling units have to be more powerful, and more energy will be used to run your freezer. 

At Airsheen Services, we have experience in helping customers throughout Austin to design custom walk-in freezers, balancing cooling needs with budgets. No matter what you’re trying to keep cold, Airsheen Services will make sure you get the freezer you need.

Choosing a Walk-In Freezer

Just like with coolers, designing your walk-in freezer involves making a series of decisions based on your needs. You’ll need to know what you’re planning on storing in your freezer, how your frozen goods will be packaged, and what volume of goods you’re going to need space for.

The main difference is cost. Because a freezer is basically a more powerful refrigerator, all of the components are either bigger, thicker, or more powerful, and that means they’re more expensive. It’s also more likely that you’ll need a floor installed in your freezer, since you’ll want to do everything you can to keep the temperature constant—which means very cold.

The location is just as important when it comes to your freezer. You’ll need similar clearances around your freezer—usually about 6” above your freezer and 2” on all sides. And just like in a refrigerator, the more empty space you have in your freezer, the harder your cooling unit will have to work to maintain a subzero temperature.

Because your walk-in freezer needs to maintain a lower temperature, you might want to consider some additional options to help prevent losing any cold air or to avoid introducing excess heat, including:

  • Check seals for tightness
  • Install automatic door closers
  • Use LED lights instead of standard light bulbs
  • Install shelves to promote even air distribution
  • Install strip curtains to limit air loss when the door is open

Following these guidelines can help you to save money on your energy costs while also making your freezer more effective.

One other option some customers choose is a combination walk-in cooler/freezer. In these set-ups, the cooler and the freezer are combined in a single unit, usually with a door between the two sections.

With custom design from Airsheen Services, you can arrange your setup however you’d like, whether it’s side by side or one in front of the other. You know your workflow best—we’ll help you to keep it running as smoothly as possible.

Walk-In Freezer Maintenance Services

In order to get the most out of your walk-in freezer, it’s important to establish a regular maintenance schedule. Your freezer should last around 15 years, but that’s only if you keep your equipment well-maintained. Otherwise, you might find that you need to replace your equipment sooner than you had planned.

It’s best to have your walk-in freezer serviced twice per year. During these tune-ups, we’ll go over your freezer with a fine-toothed comb, making sure everything is working at peak performance. We’ll give your system a thorough cleaning, then tighten any loose wires and replace any worn-looking parts. Finally, we’ll test your system, to ensure that your refrigeration cycles are working properly.

Repairing your Walk-In Freezer

While keeping your maintenance schedule will help reduce the number of repairs you need on your walk-in freezer, there’s no way to totally eliminate them. Just like with walk-in coolers, problems with your freezer can quickly turn into disasters. From melting ice cream to defrosting meats, a broken freezer can lead to significant losses in unrecoverable food waste.

However, if you pay attention to your walk-in freezer, there’s a good chance you’ll catch many problems as they develop, which can help you prevent significant issues from developing.

Look out for signs like these:

  • Chemical or rotting food smells
  • Motor makes odd noises, like grinding or knocking
  • Temperature fluctuates or is not cold enough
  • Problems closing the door
  • Water on the floors or walls
  • Frost build-up on walls or door

When you notice these or any other problems with your freezer, the experts at Airsheen Services will come out as soon as possible. We’ll make sure we find the root cause of the problem, so you won’t have to worry about the same issue recurring over and over again.

Airsheen Services, LLC, is committed to helping our Austin customers find solutions to their refrigeration needs. Whether you need a quick repair or you’re looking to redesign your entire refrigeration system, we’re here for you. Call or contact us today for more information about our walk-in coolers and freezers.