AC Tune-Up in Austin, Texas

When the crisp spring air slowly turns into the sweltering heat of summer, you’ll want to know you can rely on your air conditioner. Nothing is worse than a broken air conditioner during the hottest days in Austin, TX.  

You need critical AC tune-up service from a reputable HVAC company. With a regular tune-up and preventative maintenance, you can prevent emergency AC repairs that will leave you without an air conditioner. Airsheen Services is the experienced company you need to access your AC tune-up services and keep your system running efficiently. 

When It’s Time for an AC Tune-Up

Your air conditioner has been designed to work efficiently for many years. But to ensure this happens, you require regular AC tune-up services from Airsheen Services. Skipping your AC-tune up can lead to problems that will increase your energy bills or, worse, a total system failure. Avoid the hassle and ensure your system’s integrity with a tune-up.     

You can avoid costly AC repairs by calling our team when you notice any of these signs: 

  • AC is continually running 
  • Unit frequent turns off and on 
  • Increased indoor temperatures 
  • More humidity 
  • No air flowing from the vents 
  • Skyrocketing energy bills 

If your air conditioning unit starts making strange noises or is not properly cooling your home, it’s time to make an appointment with Airsheen Services. 

Why an AC Tune-Up Is Crucial 

An air conditioner has many moving parts that will gradually experience wear and tear. A regular inspection of the unit can prevent unexpected problems, keeping your Austin home as comfortable as possible.

It’s best to schedule a tune-up before temperatures rise so any potential issues can be resolved before the high heat hits. This approach will ensure your air conditioner performs at its best throughout the hot summer months.  

Tune-up appointments are an opportunity for a qualified technician to inspect your entire unit to locate damaged components and lubricate any moving parts. If you haven’t scheduled your tune-up yet, just remember that the only wrong time to schedule one is after your unit has already broken down completely.   

What to Expect During an AC Tune-Up 

Since an air conditioner is only used for a part of the year, many homeowners don’t realize they need an AC repair until they’ve turned their unit on for the first time. That’s why we recommend scheduling a tune-up before the end of spring. 

During your appointment, a professional contractor will: 

  • Recalibrate the thermostat
  • Inspect, clean, or replace the air filter 
  • Refill refrigerant if necessary 
  • Clean and straighten any coils and coil fins 
  • Check for problems with airflow 
  • Clean and inspect all electrical components 
  • Clear any debris from around the unit 
  • Inspect for any cracks or leaks 
  • Check the blower motor and clean, if necessary 

Just like your car needs regular maintenance to work at its best, your air conditioner needs regular care. Scheduling these appointments is a vital part of your AC unit’s overall health and longevity.  

Benefits of a Professional AC-Tune Up 

Besides preventing emergency AC repairs, there are several benefits to having regular AC maintenance. Here’s what you could be missing if you skip your AC tune-up this year:

More Comfortable Indoor Temperatures 

During a tune-up appointment, our technicians check every aspect of your cooling system. This work ensures that your air conditioner is working as effectively as possible. 

If you’ve noticed inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, the issue could be resolved during a maintenance check. When your unit cools evenly, your entire home will have more comfortable temperatures.   

Fewer AC Repairs 

Because regular maintenance inspects your entire unit, you’re less likely to experience breakdowns. Any problematic areas will be addressed during the inspection, with minor issues fixed the same day. 

You can reduce the risk of an expensive repair or system failure by proactively addressing any problems. No Austin homeowner wants to deal with a broken air conditioner, and a tune-up can help prevent this.     

More Efficiently Operating Unit 

After the necessary parts are lubricated, tightened, and cleaned, your air conditioner is left working at its peak efficiency. This setup means it won’t need to work as hard to cool your home and will use less energy. An efficiently-operating unit brings a plethora of additional benefits, but perhaps the most important one is a more relaxing home. 

Lower Energy Bills 

When your AC unit uses less energy to operate, you will notice a decrease in your energy bill. Regular maintenance allows our team to optimize your system so it will always use the least amount of energy to cool your home.  

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

After your air conditioner sits idle for several months, it gathers dirt, dust, and debris. Once you kick that unit on for the first time, months’ worth of that gunk begins circulating throughout your home. If this issue isn’t addressed, it can ruin your indoor air quality and make your family’s allergy symptoms more severe. 

Maintenance of Manufacturer Warranties 

If your unit has a manufacturer’s warranty, your system is protected from the risk of a faulty or broken component. However, many of these agreements require you to have a yearly, professional tune-up to keep the coverage active. Skipping an appointment could void your coverage, and any faulty parts will not be covered.  

Your System Will Last Longer 

Finally, scheduling routine maintenance appointments will increase the lifespan of your air conditioner. 

Like many other large appliances and pieces of machinery, regular service helps keep your unit running well. Without proper care, the system can become faulty. Most AC units are designed to last about 15 years, and with AC tune-ups from Airsheen Services, you’ll make sure to get the full life expectancy.

AC Tune-Up vs. AC Replacement 

If you’ve recently moved into your home, you might not be familiar with your AC unit. This unfamiliarity means you may have trouble determining whether a tune-up is the way to go or if a replacement would be more beneficial. 

A professional technician can review your unit and help you decide which course of action best suits your needs. To help you better understand, consider the following factors as you try to decide: 

Uneven Temperatures 

Without a professional inspection, it’s hard to determine the cause of uneven cooling. We all know that heat rises, so the upper levels of your home will naturally be warmer. But if the difference is vastly noticeable, there may be a problem with the air filters, vents, or ductwork.  

Strange Odors 

Any odor coming from your air conditioner is a bad sign and requires immediate attention. The smell could be caused by burnt wires or mold in the ducts. In this case, a replacement may make more sense financially. But you won’t know without an inspection during a maintenance appointment.

Leaky Units   

A leaky unit typically indicates a significant problem. No matter where the leak is coming from, repairing it could become costly. A replacement might make more sense for older AC units in this situation.  

High Utility Bills 

A surprisingly high energy bill can be concerning. It could indicate that something isn’t functioning right inside the unit, causing it to work harder than necessary. Sometimes a simple maintenance appointment allowing the unit to get cleaned will resolve this problem. 

Schedule an AC Tune-Up in Austin, TX 

When you need an AC tune-up, it’s always best to call a professional, like the bonded and insured team at Airsheen Services. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment required to ensure your system runs efficiently and you have the best indoor air quality. 

If you want honest and reliable service, call Airsheen Services. Contact us today to schedule your yearly AC tune-up. 

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