Commercial Restaurant Refrigeration in Austin, Texas

At Airsheen Services, LLC, we’re proud to provide the Austin area with solutions for commercial freezing and refrigeration needs. We offer a wide range of services, from walk-in and reach-in coolers to machines for dispensing food-grade drinks and ice.

Our team of experts can design, build, install, maintain, and replace your refrigeration equipment, making sure that you can keep items properly chilled.

We’ll help you to design custom equipment to maximize floor space, all while ensuring the proper flow for your back-of-house operations. When you want to install or upgrade your refrigeration equipment, make Airsheen Services your first call.

Walk-In Freezers and Coolers

Installing a walk-in freezer or cooler in your restaurant isn’t as simple as picking a package out of a catalog. Every kitchen is designed differently, and since there’s a lot of variation in the way that each kitchen operates, this means that you’ll receive the most benefit from a custom-designed walk-in that meets your needs.

In order to design your ideal walk-in freezer or cooler, there are a number of factors you need to consider, including:

Indoor vs. Outdoor Locations

Depending on your needs, as well as the space limitations inside your kitchen, you should first determine whether your walk-in will be indoors or outdoors. This choice will not only affect how your kitchen flow functions, but will also be used to determine how your cooler or freezer will need to be constructed.

Floor vs. No Floor

While a floor is almost always necessary for a walk-in freezer, you might also need one in a walk-in cooler. If you’re installing your walk-in cooler on a concrete slab, a floor isn’t essential. However, if you’re carrying heavy loads or are building your cooler above a basement or on a second floor, you’ll need an insulating floor for the equipment to work properly.

Cooling Needs

The things that you’re cooling will be an important consideration when we’re designing your custom walk-in. The types of foods and the amounts and sizes of the containers you frequently order will be vital to be able to determine the size of the unit that you’ll be.

You’ll also want to minimize any unused space, since this will decrease efficiency and make it more difficult to regulate temperature.

Installing Your Walk-In

Once you agree to our custom walk-in design, our technicians will install your new cooler or freezer in accordance with your exact specifications. We’ll ensure that it’s in the right location and that your new walk-in will meet all building and food codes, while making sure that your refrigeration system is working effectively. 

Once your system is installed, we’d be happy to help you maintain your walk-in cooler and freezer units. We can perform annual tune-ups on your system and take care of any repairs that become necessary over the life of your unit.

Reach-In Coolers

Reach-in coolers can help you to store large amounts of food and ingredients, while giving you ready access to frequently used items. These coolers come equipped with a wide range of features. From compressor location to overall capacity, you can customize your reach-in cooler to make it work well for you. 

One of the most important factors in customizing your reach-in cooler will be your doors. You can choose to equip your reach-in cooler with either solid or glass doors, balancing visibility with insulation and ease of cleaning.

You can also choose half or full doors, which can help you to conserve energy and compartmentalize your refrigerator. Finally, you can choose the number of doors, with some models offering up to three panels for access. 

With Airsheen Services, you’ll receive guidance on choosing the right options for your restaurant, making sure that you get the cooling you need. We’ll make sure that your new unit gets installed correctly and that it is fully able to keep your food products at a safe temperature to stay in compliance with local laws and regulations. 

When it comes to keeping items at the proper temperature, you can trust Airsheen Services to guide you through the entire process.

Commercial Margarita Machines

For many restaurants, adding a margarita machine is an excellent way to add to sales while generating fun and excitement for patrons. However, when you’re choosing a margarita machine, there are a number of factors that you need to consider in order to find the machine that’s going to work best for you.

At Airsheen Services, our experts will work with you to determine how you can get the most out of your margarita machine by looking at the following elements.

Condenser Type

Margarita machines chill their contents by using a compressor-driven refrigeration system. For the most part, you’ll have to choose between an air-cooled or remote-cooled compressor.

While an air-cooled compressor is usually less expensive and easier to install, they require more space in order to release heat and cool their contents effectively.

If you’re interested in adding multiple margarita machines, choosing a remote-cooled option might be better. Because the compressor is located away from the machines, it can be connected to multiple machines without worrying about crowding them. However, these machines are more difficult to install and are usually more expensive, too.


There are two aspects of capacity:  How much frozen margarita mix your machine can hold and how many servings you can produce per hour. Since it takes time for margarita mix to freeze, if you do high-volume service during certain times of day, you’ll need a high capacity. On the other hand, if you do steady sales throughout the day, you can have low capacity with a high number of servings per hour.

Number of Cylinders

Adding cylinders to your machine will give you the flexibility to offer multiple flavors, more of a single flavor, or even non-alcoholic versions of your frozen drinks. Of course, each cylinder adds to the cost of your machine, so you’ll need to decide if the potential is worth the higher price.

Commercial Yogurt Self-Serve Machines

Installing a commercial self-serve yogurt machine in your restaurant is an easy way to increase your revenue stream—in fact, frozen yogurt shops are more popular than ever. With a self-serve machine, you won’t have to spend money on extra labor.

When you’re choosing your self-serve machine, your Airsheen Services representative will help you to fully consider the following factors.


The capacity of your yogurt machine is determined by how many servings it can dispense per minute, with high-volume models able to dispense up to seven servings per minute. You’ll also need to determine how many handles you need on your machine. Most models come with either one or two dispensers, but you can also purchase machines with a head that will mix the flavors.

Dispensing Method

Yogurt machines have gravity-fed or pressure-driven dispensers. While pressurized systems tend to run at higher volumes, they tend to push more frozen yogurt than intended. Gravity machines, on the other hand, tend to have less overrun, leading to less waste.

Cooling Method

Just like with margarita machines, you can choose between air-cooled and remote-cooled machines. Remote cooling is more expensive, but it allows you to place multiple machines next to each other.

Commercial Shake Machines

Commercial shake machines let you offer your customers a sweet treat that provides you with good profit margins.

In order to get the most out of your commercial shake machine, the experts at Airsheen Services will discuss the following considerations with you.


Most commercial shake machines allow you to make one or two different flavors at one time, although some have the option of mixing the two flavors. If you’re looking to create variety, you’ll either need to invest in more machines or offer mix-ins, like candy, nuts, or fruit.


The last thing you want to do is run out of shakes during a busy period. That’s why it’s important to have a good idea of what your demand will be. If you’ll have short periods of high volume, you’ll need a machine with a large capacity. However, if you have relatively steady demand throughout the day, you’ll likely be okay with a smaller model.

Available Space

Depending on the size and shape of your kitchen, you may be restricted in how large of a machine you can install. Make sure that you have room to accommodate your new shake machine without interfering too much with the flow of your kitchen.

Commercial Ice Machines

If there’s one thing that restaurants can’t ever seem to have enough of, it’s ice. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you have an ice machine that will fully meet your needs. There are a wide variety of models available, ranging from high-volume modular ice machines to customer-facing ice dispensers.

When you’re choosing an ice machine for your restaurant, one of our Airsheen Services experts will work with you to better understand your needs. We’ll help you to choose an ice machine that will provide enough volume, as well as the right cube shape, to best suit your purposes.

At Airsheen Services, LLC, we’re committed to helping restaurants in Austin find the right refrigeration products for their needs. Contact us today for more information about our commercial refrigeration services.