AC Repair in Austin, Texas

In this modern-day and age, the weather can become extremely hot and unbearable during the summertime especially. In more cases, air conditioners are a necessity and not only something that rich people have. Without an air conditioner in this weather, it can cause all sorts of frustrations, illnesses, and problems. Many pieces make up an air conditioning unit, so a professional needs to take a look at it to solve the problem quickly.

You may be able to find an air conditioning professional who will make a same-day emergency service. A professional can get your system up and running again quickly, saving you from having to sweat it out in an uncomfortably warm home.

When should you call an AC to repair professional?

Whether an AC unit works less than optimally or simply does not turn on, a professional knows what to look for in order to get it to function again. If the unit is on the verge of its end and there’s nothing the repair expert can do to revive it, they can help you find a new unit that can meet your home’s needs. If the unit is used for just a few years and there are problems with it then you will find below some signs that it is high time to have it serviced by an expert.

Low airflow from vents

If the unit is working, but little airflow is coming through the vents, that means something is wrong with either the compressor or the ducts. If you’re not getting enough cool air flowing into your home from your air conditioner, you may simply be wasting energy. A professional can quickly repair this issue and increase the efficiency of the unit.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout the home

When you attempt to decrease the baseline temperature throughout your home, only to find out a few of the rooms don’t cool down, it’s a bit frustrating. While upper levels will in general be a couple of degrees hotter than lower levels because of rising heat, radically various temperatures between different rooms can be an indication that there is an issue. Usually, vents, ductwork, and/or filters are to blame.

Notice bad smells or loud noises when the unit is on

When you smell something foul from the vents each time the unit is turned on, then there may be a problem in between the unit and these vents. Normally there is mold in the ductwork or a wire has burned. Both of these problems will require a professional service call. Correspondingly, scratching noises originating from the unit itself should concern you enough to call an expert.

Unit is leaking

A liquid that is leaking from the unit might either be something as toxic as a refrigerant or as harmless as water. Any sign of leakage from your AC unit should prompt you to call in a professional. If the liquid is only water, then the service professional will have the condensation tubes replaced. On the other hand, if your unit is leaking refrigerant, the compromised lines will need to be replaced.

Thermostat isn’t working

The problem might even turn out to be the power switch rather than the air conditioner itself. An air conditioning technician can also check and repair defective thermostats. In addition, they can check wiring and recalibrate temperature readings to ensure that it’s effectively communicating with your unit.

Energy bills significantly higher

If you receive a surprisingly high electricity bill, it could mean that something is wrong with your unit despite it looking completely normal. When the electric bill is higher than the ordinary this can simply mean that you need to get help from a professional about it. This often means that the unit is working at a harder rate.

How can regular maintenance save you from repair?

Regular maintenance visits by an air conditioning expert can keep your unit working as long as possible. In most areas, air conditioners are used only during the summer. You might not realize there’s a problem with your air conditioner until you try to crank it up on the first hot day of summer.

A key benefit of having your air conditioning system maintained on a regular schedule is that a professional will detect and correct potential problems before they get too bad. Air conditioning professionals recommend an annual maintenance visit at a minimum. The best time for a scheduled maintenance call is before temperatures begin to climb, so your AC will run well for the entire summer. You’ll save money on energy and repair costs and will get more years of use out of your unit before it needs to be replaced.