Furnace Inspection in Austin, Texas

Austin isn’t known for subzero temperatures or several feet of snow each year. Residents, however, need a functioning heating system for chilly fall and winter nights.

For this reason, you should call Airsheen Services to have your furnace inspected a minimum of once each year. With this residential furnace inspection, you’ll have confidence your central heating will work when you need it.

Why Do I Need to Have My Furnace Inspected?

When you purchase a home, the mortgage lender typically requires a home inspection. However, the home inspector doesn’t evaluate the furnace fully. For instance, they don’t inspect the furnace burner.

They look at the age of the furnace and check it for visible signs of damage. As a result, you might find the system doesn’t function properly when you attempt to use it the first time.

In addition, the former owner may not provide information on any HVAC maintenance that was completed. You don’t have a complete picture of the system and how it functions. With a call to us at (512) 577-4776, you can have peace of mind knowing your central heating works as it should.

Signs You Need a Furnace Inspection

A furnace rarely fails overnight. Owners, however, often miss warning signs that alert them to the need for a furnace inspection. If you notice any of the following things with your furnace, call us. We will send a heating services specialist to your home to complete this inspection and identify any problems with the unit.

  • No heat in the home
  • The furnace turns on and off frequently
  • The thermostat isn’t working
  • The furnace makes loud banging noises
  • The furnace emits a foul smell
  • The home’s carbon monoxide detector activates
  • Monthly energy bills are climbing without an accompanying increase in usage
  • Weak airflow from the unit
  • The furnace is 15 years of age or older

When we send a technician to your home, they inspect it to ensure it is safe to operate. They also evaluate the efficiency of the unit as part of the heating inspection. As part of this service, the technician completes an inspection of the furnace burner, evaluates the furnace filter, and more.

They also make recommendations on heating maintenance and how often you should call for a heating tune-up. The more you know about your furnace and how to care for it, the less you will pay for heating repairs over its lifespan.

The Benefits of a Furnace Inspection

Our HVAC technician looks for specific things that may affect the residents of the home when completing this heating inspection. We share what we found with you and do so in a way that is easy to understand.

When our work is done, you know exactly what you need to keep your furnace up and running. In addition, you have a better picture of what repairs you might need in the coming months, so you can plan for them.

Your safety remains our top priority when conducting this inspection. We look for anything that could pose a danger to you and your loved one. This includes mold in the system’s ductwork, electrical issues, gas leaks, and more.

We examine the electrical connections, as problems with these connections could lead to a fire. Testing CO2 levels make up a portion of this inspection, as well. 

Our technicians ensure all components within the system work as intended. This includes not only the furnace but also the ductwork, thermostat, and more. If any items need repair, we note this in our inspection report.

Modern furnaces operate at 90% efficiency or better. An inspection by one of our licensed technicians allows you to determine whether you should consider a replacement furnace. When should you consider replacing the furnace? 

When Should a Furnace Be Replaced?

Contact Airsheen Services when you need a furnace replacement company or are considering a heat pump replacement. Make this call when your furnace is 15 years of age or older, as it is at a higher risk of failure. Any signs of rust on the outside of the unit suggest you need our heating and cooling services because there is probably rust on the interior as well.

Frequent repairs indicate you should consider a furnace replacement. The same holds when your energy bills are rising but you aren’t using the furnace more often. If certain rooms of the home never reach the temperature you set the thermostat at, call us. It may be time to replace your furnace.

When you need heating services, call us at Airsheen Services. We can handle all tasks involving your HVAC system. We offer a Preferred Comfort Club Membership, so you no longer need to worry about maintaining your heating and cooling system. This program saves you time and money. This is only one of the heating services we offer with you in mind.

Our technicians undergo drug testing and a background check, so you can feel confident allowing them into your home. They also engage in ongoing training to ensure you get only the highest quality of services. We are here to help you in any way we can, so call for an inspection today.