Air Conditioning Service in Austin, Texas

Today a majority of people don’t give a lot of thought to their air conditioners. Many values being able to swiftly and easily cool space in the summer heat, but others depend on it for their lives. A comfortable home can quickly become almost unbearable when an air conditioner falls into disrepair. Fortunately, there are several measures that you can take to mitigate such breakdowns and give your air conditioning unit a longer life.

How can air condition services help you?

Having a skilled AC professional do regularly scheduled maintenance on your system can prevent problems requiring expensive repairs. Ideally, air conditioners should be serviced every year, and not in the worst of the seasonal heat. AC units that aren’t functioning at peak capacity need to work harder when temperatures soar, making burnout more likely.

Professionals performing air condition services will:

  • remove debris from in and around the unit
  • look for safety hazards, clean the coils
  • straighten coil fins
  • measuring refrigerant liquid levels
  • checking for leaks
  • recalibrating the thermostat
  • replace or clean the air filter

These professionals have all the knowledge about AC units so they can make quick repairs on it. These experts also exert effort in staying up to date regarding the safety and best practices in this field. They will get your home to working order again and explain to you how to keep it like that.

When should you call a professional?

Some of the air conditioning issues can be easily spotted but some are much harder to identify. While some repairs and maintenance can be easily done by the homeowner, there are others that need to be left to the experts. They can get your home to working order quickly and they will not make any mistakes and create additional costs when repairing your device. These are a few signs that you should call a professional.

Home is too hot

If the temperature in your home is still high even after turning on the AC, blocking sunlight and enabling airflow through your home, that might be a sign that your unit is broken. If there is no cold air flowing through the vents please call an expert.

There are uneven temperatures throughout the home

Upper levels of a home can get a bit hotter due to rising heat, but if the temperature differences in each room are big, there could be a bigger problem. Homeowners need to hire a professional to clean and check their unit’s ductwork.

Energy bills are extraordinarily high

Receiving higher energy bills than normal is a sign that your device is working harder than it should be. An increasing energy bill could be due to dirty coils or maybe due to something other than the unit itself, such as a faulty window or door seals or torn ductwork. A professional can search for potential problems and find the cause to help you lower your energy bills.

There is restricted airflow

If you have weak airpower flowing from your ventilation system, that will not help keep your house cool. You’ll need to call in an AC professional to determine whether the problem is with the ducts or with the compressor.

Thermostat is not working

It is very frustrating when everything works but the thermostat. The professional can make an inspection on the wiring, calibrate the readings of the temperature and repair the AC unit.

You experience loud noises or bad smells

Grinding and scratching noises from an AC unit is concerning and you should call a repair expert immediately. The expert can fix the belt or any other broken part to prevent it from wreaking more havoc to the unit. An unpleasant odor emanating from the vents is another sign of a problem with your air conditioner. An experienced technician can tell you whether the smell is due to a burnt wire, mold, or something else.

The unit is leaking

A prompt call to a repair professional is needed when an air conditioner starts leaking liquid. While some leaks are just water, oftentimes they are the poisonous refrigerant liquid. Any sign of a leak should be enough to prompt you to call in a professional to check out your air conditioner.