Air Conditioning & Heating in Great Hills, TX

Rain or shine, snow or sun — you need an HVAC system that is reliable. The weather in Great Hills can be intense, depending on the month and the season. That’s why you need to make sure that your HVAC system is up to the challenges of yearly temperature highs and lows.

The team at Airsheen Services understands the heating and air conditioning services that residents of Great Hills need to always be comfortable in their homes. We make it our mission to keep you comfortable!

Our HVAC Services

Your HVAC system is all about temperature regulation. The system works hard to keep your home from becoming too hot or too cold, even when the weather outside is trying its best to make you miserable.

There are a variety of ways to keep your HVAC system performing well. We do our best to ensure that we can do it all — from maintenance to replacement services and everything in between.

Learn more about the kind of services our HVAC contractors can perform by calling us today or reading more about what we do below.

Heating and AC Maintenance Service

Prevent a problem before it even has time to manifest by scheduling one of our maintenance services for either your heating or AC unit. Preventative maintenance is the best form of care that you can give to your HVAC system.

Our preventative services are designed to avoid problems before they have a chance to occur and take care of small ones before they can become bigger.

When you schedule preventative maintenance for either your heating or AC unit, you are scheduling technicians who will:

  • Clean the air ducts and major system components
  • Change the filters to remove all trapped debris
  • Check the pilot light, refrigerant levels, and all individual aspects of either your heating or AC system
  • Inspect for cracks or leaks on AC or heating unit
  • Check the thermostat to ensure it is in good working order

Both heating and AC maintenance services have a lot in common, but it is important to schedule each one individually so that we can check each unit separately. They are similar, but not the same.

When you schedule a preventative maintenance service for either your AC or heating unit, our team will provide you with top-quality care to make sure that your HVAC system is working great for any weather in Great Hills.

Heating and AC Repair Work

Even the most well-maintained systems can break down. When that happens, you need a team of skilled HVAC contractors to get you up and running again.

We have the experience and tools necessary to perform your AC repair or heating repair in a reliable and timely manner.

Call us if you notice troubling behaviors that indicate your HVAC system might not be working right. Some of these warning signs might include:

  • Trouble maintaining consistent air conditioning or heating in the home
  • Higher energy or fuel bills
  • Odd noises or loud squeaks and bangs when you are running the heat or AC
  • A thermostat that isn’t working as it should

You should also call us for repair services in the event that either your AC or furnace shuts down completely.

Unexpected AC unit and furnace shut-downs are jarring and can be a symptom of either a huge problem or multiple issues. This kind of repair work could be extensive, but if it is, we are here for you every step of the way if it is.

Airsheen Services provides heating and AC services that will get your air conditioner or furnace back to top performance. Schedule a furnace or AC repair service with us today if you’re near Great Hills or surrounding areas.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement Services

Sometimes an air conditioner or furnace is just too far gone for repairs. If you called us and scheduled multiple repairs, kept up with maintenance, and are trying your best to keep your system going with no results, it might be time to consider a replacement.

While the cost of furnace or AC replacement is pretty steep upfront, you are saving a lot of money in the long run. Who wants to keep dumping money into repairs that get you nowhere when you can bite the bullet and schedule a replacement service?

Most AC units and furnaces need to be replaced every ten years or so, and until you decide to get one, your home will be a very uncomfortable place to be. Nobody wants that.

Our team is trained to know when an HVAC system replacement is necessary, and we do everything we can first to extend the life of your AC or furnace. But when it’s time, it’s time.

Ask the HVAC experts at Airsheen Services about how a heating or air conditioning replacement could save you a lot of long-term hassle when you’re near Great Hills, TX, today.

What Other Heating and AC Services Do We Perform in Great Hills, TX?

In addition to standard HVAC system services like maintenance, repairs, and replacement, we also offer a few additional services that will make your system even better.

If you want a little more than the standard, ask us about:

  • Air conditioning and furnace installations (for new homes or home extensions)
  • Ductless air conditioning services
  • Air purifying installations (e.g., HALO-LED purifier, etc.)
  • Commercial HVAC services (e.g., restaurants, schools, stores, warehouses, etc.)

We do our best to provide our customers with options. When you decide to schedule Airsheen Services for an HVAC service, you are getting a team of contractors who care. Your comfort and convenience matter to us, so we give it our all to make sure that you have access to both standard and not-so-common HVAC services.

Save Money on HVAC Service

Want access to even more convenient service? Join our Preferred Comfort Club or buy a Protection Plan from Airsheen Services. Both options offer great benefits for saving money while keeping your HVAC system running like new. 

Preferred Comfort Club

Members will have access to bi-annual maintenance services and system evaluations. We also provide club members with discounts on all services and products, make sure they are given preference for repair and service work, and more!

Protection Plan

Airsheen Services Protection Plan covers all necessary parts and repair work on your system for the amount of time you are signed up. This plan has no deductible, and we perform the work regardless of product brands.

If you’re wondering about how Airsheen Services can improve your home’s air quality or service the HVAC system in your commercial property, all while saving you money, we are here to answer every question.

Contact Airsheen Services in Great Hills, TX

Our team is ready and willing to help get the temperatures in your home regulated. We want every resident of Great Hills, TX, to have access to quality climate control in their homes and businesses.

Whether you need services performed on your air conditioning unit or furnace, we can be there to assist you with reliable service as soon as possible. Call Airsheen Services today to schedule your next HVAC service near Great Hills, TX, and surrounding areas.