Benefits of Replacing Your AC and Heater at the Same Time

Your air conditioner and heater take care of your home and comfort needs year-round. But what happens when these machines need some TLC? 

Sometimes, ac repair or simple maintenance appointment is enough. Other times, you may need to replace one or both units. Is it possible to replace both at the same time? And are there any benefits? 

This article answers that question and outlines the many advantages of handling two HVAC replacements at once. But first, we’ll go over the signs you need a dual replacement. 

Signs It’s Time for a Dual Replacement

Many signs point to system failure, although some are not as easy to notice as others. If you see any of these malfunction symptoms, call your HVAC provider as soon as possible.

Old Age

The most obvious sign to replace your HVAC units is old age. If your units are over 10 or 15 years old and showing signs of failure or breakdown, you should consider replacing them. Throwing money at old machines is a waste, especially considering that newer and more efficient systems come out every decade.

Temperature Control Issues

One of the first signs of trouble with an AC and heating system often starts with temperature control. Homeowners and business owners may notice that it takes significantly longer than usual to either heat or cool a space. This often leads to uneven temperature and humidity distribution across the property. 

Strange Noises and Odors

Strange noises or odors coming from your vents or units are not normal. If you smell rotten eggs, call your HVAC provider immediately. 

If you smell other odors or hear banging or smashing sounds, you still have a problem on your hands. A professional can inspect your units and let you know the extent of the issue.


Any leaks from your AC or heating system are signs that a replacement is likely in your future. 

High Monthly Energy Bills

A broken or malfunctioning system needs to work extra hard to provide cooling or heating to your home. That’s why high monthly energy bills are typically a sign that you need a replacement unit (or units).

Benefits of Dual HVAC Replacement

Here are the many reasons why it’s in your best interest to replace both of your HVAC units (cooling and heating) at once. 

Energy Efficiency

Enhanced energy efficiency is a huge benefit of replacing an AC and heater at the same time. Those looking to reduce their carbon footprint while investing in their home will find newer system models take both factors into consideration.

New HVAC system technology is highly efficient and can lead to significant savings for homeowners and business owners. Since the system won’t have to work as hard to control your home’s temperature, your monthly energy bills will decline. In this way, investing in a newer and more efficient model now could be a financial gain in the long run.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

AC and heating systems are intricately linked to air quality in many homes across Austin, TX. Replacing both the AC and heater simultaneously can bring new and improved standards to the very air you breathe!

If your property has air ducts, a new system often requires a replacement of these networks. Doing so can provide a more sanitary route for fresh air to flow.

As a result, dust, debris, and other buildup are kept out of your breathing air! There’s a good chance that residents suffering from allergies will notice a huge improvement.

Increased Home Resale Value

For those planning on selling their residence at some point in the future, replacing an AC and heater together can really boost resale value. That’s because many prospective buyers these days are looking for properties that are already set up with energy-efficient HVAC models.

Homebuyers don’t want to be bothered with AC or furnace replacements just a year after purchasing their new house. Knowing that a current system has recently been installed brings peace of mind. It also provides sellers with more of a platform for price negotiations.

Cost Efficiency

Frequent HVAC repairs can be costly. However, replacing an AC and heater together could land you a warranty that covers most repair costs going forward.

Homeowners who only replace one unit or the other may unknowingly disqualify themselves from warranty coverage options. In this case, mixing and matching systems can lead to financial loss.

Buying matching systems together typically affords your more warranty coverage on future repairs.

Extended Unit Lifespan

Your HVAC system’s energy efficiency is vital to your comfort, and the age of the unit in question can have a significant impact.

Typically, a furnace is designed to last about twice as long as an air conditioning unit. For that reason, many homeowners and business owners wait to replace one while investing in the other.

Unfortunately, mixing and matching AC and heater models at different times in their lifespan can also affect your system’s overall efficiency. The goal is to have an HVAC unit that works well for about the same amount of time.

While the furnace provides a heat source for a residence, it also must communicate with the AC unit. This is true whether the system utilizes electricity, gas, or other fuels. The distribution system relies on a fan to promote sufficient airflow, whether that airflow is being heated or cooled.

Investing in a simultaneous replacement (rather than an AC replacement and furnace repair) can help homeowners avoid issues with incompatible units. This means you’ll have a properly functioning heater and AC for longer.

Reduced Wear and Tear on Specialized Parts

The AC and heater must work together一that’s a lot of moving parts! Replacing these units at the same time promotes efficiency because it also protects various components from wearing down at different times.

Only replacing one part of the HVAC unit instead of both can cause some parts to break down faster than others, which leads to multiple maintenance appointments and replacement parts that can be costly.

Compatibility Among Unit Parts

It’s also important to note that newer AC parts or heating parts may not be compatible with the older parts. If these parts function at different rates, the result could diminish the overall efficiency of the system. Any added strain from incompatible parts can also lead to quicker part breakdowns.

That being the case, it’s easy to see why replacing the air conditioner and furnace at the same time is a good idea. A dual replacement can save you bundles on part repair costs, increase system efficiency, and keep both parts of the system on track for success over the long term.

When Is It Most Beneficial to Replace my AC and Heater Together?

You may not have complete control over when your AC and heating system need to be replaced. However, if you have some flexibility, the season you invest in replacing this type can make a difference.

Answer: Replace During the “Off-Season” (Fall or Spring)

If you have the opportunity, replacing an HVAC system in the off-season is usually the better choice. 

Less Stressful Time for Units

HVAC systems are working hard across Austin, TX, in the summer to cool homes and businesses. In the winter, they’re working just as hard to heat these spaces. So schedule your replacement when the weather’s mild! 

Companies Are More Available

Technicians are also working overtime to keep units functioning their best during the hot and cold months. Those who can schedule a system replacement in the spring or fall will generally enjoy quicker turnaround times. 

Systems Are for Sale

Another factor to consider is system price. Many retailers lower their costs during the off-season to encourage homeowners and business owners to move forward with an investment. This can be a huge benefit for those looking to stick to a strict budget when it comes time to replace an AC and furnace together.

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