Beat the Texas Heat in Cedar Park: Comparing AC Replacement to AC Repair

If you live in Cedar Park, Texas, you understand the importance of a working air conditioner. When your system fails and you’re stuck searching for “HVAC repair near me,” then you may have a choice to make:  Should your AC unit be repaired or replaced?

A surprising failure of your AC unit at the wrong time of the year can leave your home uncomfortable and your family members exposed to unbearable heat.

If your AC doesn’t perform as it used to and you think the time has come to decide between AC replacement or repair, Airsheen Services can help! Below, we’ve created a guide to help you make the right choice.

How Long Are AC Units Supposed To Last?

A general rule of thumb is that the lifespan of an AC unit is around ten to fifteen years. While some units last longer, especially with regular maintenance, some wear down more quickly for a variety of reasons, including daily seasonal use.

Other factors that affect the lifespan of an air conditioning system include use in a space that is too big or use in a region that requires year-round climate control.

Perhaps you purchased your home in the last year or two and you’re not really sure how long the air conditioner has been in place. If you’re not sure how old your current system is, there are two things that you can do to find out. Many systems have tags on the outside that specify the date on which the unit was manufactured.

Even if you can’t find a date on the label, the condition of the label itself might be a clue as to how long the system has been around!

Alternatively, you can contact an experienced HVAC company, like Airsheen Services. We can inspect your equipment and help you to know how long it’s likely to keep performing well.

As your current system ages, it will become prone to increased wear and tear. An air conditioning unit needs annual maintenance in order to operate efficiently. When you keep up with that maintenance, you are more likely to avoid premature repairs and replacements.

Signs of Impending Repairs or AC Replacement

If you notice a performance issue with your HVAC system, it is worth paying attention to. It may seem like a big decision to take on HVAC repairs, but when your air conditioning system is well cared for, you’ll be protecting your home and your family from the stress of extra heat.

There are several warning signs that your air conditioning unit or ductless air conditioning system is not performing well. If you notice that your AC unit shows any of the signs below, then it’s a good idea to call for HVAC maintenance:

  • Your AC unit makes new or strange noises
  • The thermostat isn’t working
  • There are warmer spots around the house
  • The unit blows warm or hot air
  • The unit frequently runs through the cooling cycle without cooling the home
  • The unit runs less often than it used to
  • Your utility bill is higher than it used to be

While some of these signs point to a need for maintenance or repair, some may indicate a serious mechanical issue that could lead to a full AC replacement.

If your cooling system shows one or more of the signs above, you should turn off your unit to prevent further damage. Next, call an HVAC service company in Cedar Park, like Airsheen Services, for a diagnostic appointment. We’ll inspect the system, provide recommendations for repairs, and give you an estimate of the costs to keep you fully informed.

When is the Right Time for an AC Tune-Up or AC Repairs?

One of the top recommendations made by HVAC technicians at Airsheen Services in Cedar Park, is that the time to act is when you first notice a problem. Delaying necessary repairs can cause problems to stack up. This makes repairs more difficult and costly and could even lead to the need for a replacement.

While annual HVAC maintenance is the best way to ensure that you won’t experience a sudden, inconvenient failure, many homeowners don’t think about their cooling systems until they break down completely.

The right time to make a repair is right when a problem arises. You can prevent many problems by scheduling an annual tune-up, too!

When AC Repair is a Good Idea

Without annual maintenance, your air conditioning unit may need some general repairs to keep it working efficiently. Repairs will keep your family and business safe from the heat and hazards associated with a broken system.

Unusual smells, sounds, and leaks usually mean that it is time to call a professional. In particular, smells and leaks may indicate a health hazard, like a refrigerant leak. These problems should be addressed right away by a qualified HVAC technician in Cedar Park.

How Annual AC Tune-Ups and Maintenance Can Benefit You

If your air conditioning unit isn’t showing signs of wear and tear yet, there are still some things that you can do to keep it in good working order. The best way to prevent future repairs and cooling system failures is to schedule annual system maintenance.

When you schedule an annual AC tune-up, an HVAC professional will come to your home in Cedar Park and assess the needs of your current system. They’ll recommend any necessary repairs, tighten loose connections, check for leaks, clean the unit, and replace your filters.

Most manufacturers also recommend annual service to help your system to last longer. In fact, annual maintenance visits may be required for the warranty on your system.

Other benefits of an annual AC tune-up include:

  • Your air conditioner will cool efficiently and have a longer life
  • Your utility bills will stay low
  • Your system will use less energy
  • You’ll be less likely to need repairs
  • Your indoor air will be cleaner

A dependable AC unit keeps your home cool and saves you money, but it also helps to keep the air you breathe clean and free of impurities.

With annual maintenance, your air will be cleaner, you will spend less to cool your home, and you’ll stay comfortable, no matter what season it is.

How Do You Know When You Need AC Replacement?

Below are a few suggestions to help you decide if the time has come to replace your current cooling system:

Do the Math

After an HVAC technician assesses your AC system, you may have to decide between a repair and a new AC installation. The best way to decide is to weigh the cost of repair against the cost of a new cooling system.

You should also account for the age of your current air conditioning unit. If the unit is old and costly repairs are going to be necessary on a regular basis, a replacement may be the more affordable choice.

Repairs, Repairs, Repairs!

If your cooling system requires frequent repairs or the repairs don’t seem to last very long, it’s time to consider an AC replacement. Like your car, you need a dependable system that won’t break down when you need it most!

Advancements in Energy Efficiency

While the cost of AC replacement can be high, there is one upside that just might put money back in your pocket. Depending on how old your current cooling system is, advancements in HVAC technology may mean that an AC replacement will leave you with a more cost-effective and energy-efficient system.

Some AC units will lower your electric bills while also reducing your impact on the environment! It’s a win-win!

Consider Your Health

On the hottest summer days in Texas, extreme heat and restricted access to climate control in your home can cause a medical emergency. Why take the risk?

Don’t take risks on the hottest days of the year!

Your AC Unit is Not the Right Size for Your Space

If your current air conditioning system isn’t keeping your space as cool as you like it, the system might be the wrong size. This can cost you money. It can also leave you too warm. An HVAC technician can measure your space to help you to determine whether you need a cooling system that is larger or smaller than the one you have now.

If you still have questions about whether an HVAC replacement is right for your Cedar Park home, reach out to the team at Airsheen Services. We can help decide which path is right for you.

Now What?

Whether you end up opting for AC repairs or a full replacement, make sure that you stay on track with preventative maintenance to make the most of your investment. Schedule annual maintenance visits with the experienced HVAC technicians at Airsheen Services and we’ll help you to keep your system in good shape.

If you live in Cedar Park and believe that your AC unit needs maintenance, repair, or replacement, you don’t need to search the internet for “HVAC repair near me.” Save yourself the trouble and contact Airsheen Services to make an appointment with one of our highly trained HVAC technicians!