4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC Unit

As any Austin, TX, resident knows, air conditioner units are nothing to take lightly. When those Texas temperatures climb to the upper 90s, you need an air conditioner unit you can count on to keep your home safe, healthy, and comfortable. 

That’s why you should be on the lookout for these big 4 signs that tell you it’s time to replace your AC unit. If you don’t act, then your AC will likely break down, leaving you stranded without cool temperatures until a technician can come to replace your unit. 

Don’t let yourself wither in hot temperatures. Schedule an AC replacement at the first sign of trouble by keeping a lookout for these telltale symptoms: 

1. Your House Is Dusty 

Dust isn’t always an indicator of a poorly maintained house. Sometimes excess dust can be a sign that your air conditioner unit is nearing the end of its life and requires a replacement. 

Why does this happen? Unbeknownst to many homeowners, their air conditioner units play a vital role in sucking dust out of the air and keeping it out of circulation. When your HVAC system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it will do this job with less and less success. 

The next time you notice dust floating in the air after doing a deep clean, consider calling a certified technician to check out your HVAC system. It may be time for a replacement. 

2. Your AC Runs on Old Refrigerant 

A good way to tell that your AC has aged into its final stages of life is by finding out what refrigerant it uses. For example, if your AC still uses Freon (otherwise known as R-22 refrigerant), chances are you need to replace your AC unit. 

All AC units manufactured before 2010 used Freon. Since that’s over ten years ago (and air conditioners last between ten and 15 years), it’s safe to say that if you use Freon, it’s time to call an HVAC repair service to replace your unit. 

3. Your AC Isn’t Cooling 

Most homeowners know that when an AC isn’t properly cooling the home, there’s a big problem. AC units work by sucking in warm or hot air from your home, cooling down the air, and then sending it back into your home to provide a better temperature. 

If your AC is running but isn’t cooling, this is indicative of an obstructed pathway or the internal mechanics failing. To test this, turn on your AC to see if it provides cool air. You’ll know your AC is losing efficacy if it doesn’t cool your space down in the normal amount of time. 

If your AC isn’t cooling your home, you should call a certified technician to determine the problem. 

4. Your AC Unit Keeps Breaking

If you keep having to ask yourself, “why is my AC broken again?” chances are you need to replace your AC unit. Most AC repairs occur within the last two years of the unit’s life. If your air conditioner keeps having problem after problem, it may be worth it to replace the unit instead of shelling out money to fix an outdated system.

Effective Care for Your Air Conditioner

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