What to Consider When Customizing Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs

Designing a custom refrigeration unit can bring up many questions, and as a busy business owner, it’s not always obvious what steps you should take. 

Any commercial kitchen owner would want to ensure that they’re working with a team that puts their needs first. Whether you’re concerned about the space, the cost, or the installation, your local HVAC contractor has you covered.

If it’s time for you to design the walk-in cooler of your dreams, your local contractor is at the ready to help you and other members of the Cedar Park, TX, community get what you need for your businesses. 

What to Know About Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration refers to larger cold storage equipment that you’ll see being used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants. These units are also often used by hospitals and medical facilities for keeping certain medical materials at the proper temperature. 

Commercial refrigeration services let businesses store all kinds of food and other temperature-sensitive goods for long periods without the fear of spoiling. They’re more powerful than your fridge at home, but like your home fridge, they use a fluid called a refrigerant. 

This fluid will pressurize and condense, turning from a liquid into a gas and then back into liquid again. This process is happening all of the time in a commercial refrigerator and is necessary for it to function.

Depending on your company’s needs, you’ll want to invest in the proper type of cooling system. Not all refrigeration equipment is designed to do the same thing. 

For example, a chiller will keep items below room temperature while also ensuring they don’t freeze. Freezers can keep perishables frozen, keeping them from expiring for a much longer time. 

There are also combination units that allow you to chill and freeze, depending on your needs. Other variables, such as the amount of foot traffic the unit will see or where the unit will be located, will help your contractor conceptualize the perfect unit for your business.

Which Refrigeration System Is Right for You?

A refrigeration system design should always start with your individual needs — you know what you need, and your contractor can help you get it. 

If you’re a business owner in the Austin area who’s unsure of where to start with your customization process, your installer will have you covered. There are a few notable aspects you’ll want to consider when you’re aiming to purchase a custom refrigeration unit for your commercial kitchen:

Where Will It Go?

Aside from deciding where it will go, the overall space is crucial to consider when figuring out your unit. Not just for the size of the refrigerator — it’s also important to consider how much space you’ve allotted for movement around the unit. 

You might also need to consider what type of flooring the system will be placed on, as that can also affect efficiency. If you aren’t sure how to put your space to good use, don’t worry. Your contractor will work with you to cater the refrigeration design to your situation, considering both the room itself and the possibility of expansion.

What Size Do You Need?

The size of the cooler isn’t just about making sure you have enough space outside — the inside dimensions are also important. Having a cooler that isn’t fitted for your business can cost you heavily on utilities throughout the unit’s lifespan. 

Not only that, but a cramped cooler can also cause performance issues. Knowing how much space you need right now is helpful, but your contractor can also help you look towards the future growth of your business needs and find a healthy balance between the two.

What Cooling System Works for You?

Cooling system technology, at its core, is mostly the same. But how your unit uses it can produce all kinds of different results. Are you looking for a unit that’s indoor or outdoor? Do you need a floor? Will it be a walk-in cooler or a reach-in? 

Your contractor can help you figure out the proper configuration for your system so you can get the most out of your investment. Most refrigeration and HVAC contractors have an abundance of experience with all kinds of situations and units, so they’ll be able to figure out which configuration will work best for your commercial kitchen or business.

The Difference Between Commercial Refrigerators and Regular Refrigerators

You might be used to the fridge at home, but commercial refrigeration services are a whole different story. While they both effectively share the same task of keeping your foods from spoiling, the way they’re designed to be used is much more distinct. 

The Domestic Refrigerator

Domestic refrigeration units are more about efficiency. The goal is not to use too much power so as to save the homeowner money. However, in turn, domestic refrigerators can’t cool large amounts at once. 

Because of their limited power, they also aren’t designed to handle a lot of opening and closing. Domestic fridges will often have an attached freezer, making it efficient to keep things fresh both long and short term. They’ll often be much quieter than their commercial counterparts as well. 

The Commercial Refrigerator

In a busy kitchen or grocery store, the fridge doors will often open up many times per hour, so the commercial fridge will need a design that can keep up with that sort of traffic. Commercial fridges will also often be fan-assisted so that the fridge can move cold air throughout, keeping everything inside cool and comfortable. 

They’re often on the noisy end compared to a regular refrigerator, but that’s due to the increase in performance, something a homeowner doesn’t necessarily need, but a business owner relies on. 

Commercial units won’t always have an attached freezer, depending on the model, and you might need to purchase one separately should you need it.

Regardless of their differences, it’s clear that manufacturers have created these two particular types of refrigeration units with their uses in mind, and one is no substitute for the other. 

You’ll want to ensure that your unit is up to the task and that you’re working with a powerful and affordable commercial refrigerator that will keep up with your growing business.

Out of the Fridge and Into the Freezer

You can’t consider a custom commercial refrigeration service without talking about a freezer. Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers serve very different purposes for your business. 

Since a freezer needs to be kept much colder, the walls need to be thicker and more insulated. The cooling units will also use more energy, as they’ll need it to keep the products below a specific temperature. 

Just like with a commercial refrigerator, having a custom freezer that’s built for commercial use is always going to be the more cost-efficient and most thoughtful way forward. But unlike refrigerators, freezers will almost always require flooring for proper insulation.

Airsheen is proud to provide Austin and the surrounding area with high-quality freezer and commercial refrigeration services that will keep everything you need fresh while considering your individual needs and budget.

For Your Custom Refrigeration, Consider Airsheen

When you’re ready to consider a custom option for your commercial refrigerator, you’ll want to work with the professionals. 

At Airsheen, we’re known for using our creativity and extensive knowledge of commercial refrigeration services to get our Cedar Park, Lakeway, Great Hills, Austin, Steiner Ranch, and River Palace customers exactly what they need. 

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