Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

The summer heat in Austin, TX can have you retreating to a shady spot by the river where you can spend your day jumping in swimming holes and resting on the banks. But when you have to spend your time inside, you’ll need to find ways to keep cool without breaking your budget. At Airsheen Services LLC., we have a few tips for helping you be comfortable inside all summer long while also helping you save some money.

Budget Tip #1: Watch Out for Signs of an AC Breakdown

The longer you let your air conditioner run while it has wear and tear or unlubricated parts, the more expensive the repair is going to be. Sometimes, it can even lead to a broken AC and an AC replacement. Knowing the signs of an AC breakdown and catching problems early can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Here are some signs to look out for: 

  • A leaking AC unit: water leaking out of your system might mean your coils are frozen. Running your AC with a frozen AC condenser coil can lead to expensive breakdowns so call for an AC repair as soon as you can if you have a leaking AC unit.
  • A bad odor coming from the air conditioner: if there is a bad odor coming from the air conditioner like the sweetish smell of refrigerant or a smell like burning or melting plastic, you’ll want to shut off your system and call for service. You might have a refrigerant leak, worn-out parts, or electrical problems.
  • The system not cooling efficiently: if your utilities are rising and your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well anymore, there might be some wear and tear causing it to work less efficiently.

Budget Tip #2: Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

It may seem counterintuitive to schedule more AC services when you’re trying to save money. But it’s more about scheduling the right kind of services. AC maintenance is the best way to prevent an AC replacement. This can happen when expensive components like the AC condenser coil break down. Maintenance is affordable and scheduling it once a year means you’ll cut down on 95% of repairs, put off having to replace your system, and ensure efficient and reliable cooling for the whole summer.

Budget Tip #3: Consider an AC Maintenance Membership

Scheduling AC maintenance once a year is a great idea. But getting these services for free every year is even better. When you sign up for club membership, you’ll get annual AC tune-ups for free. You’ll pay a small monthly fee which usually adds up to less than you’d pay for one tune-up, and you’ll get other benefits, too, like discounts on repairs when you have a broken AC, priority scheduling, and service guarantees and warranties.

Summer Heat Getting You Down? Call Airsheen Services LLC.

Saving money on cooling during the summer can seem like a big task. But taking simple steps such as scheduling maintenance and calling for repairs as soon as you notice a problem can make a big difference. At Airsheen Services LLC., our maintenance is affordable and our Preferred Comfort Club Membership will keep your system in perfect condition all summer long. Call us if you’re interested in our services!